Linda Richardi - Artist

Artist Statement

My painting process is a combination of acrylic and oil paints, gold leaf, ink stains, and other mixed build layers of shadow, light and texture which give each painting life and movement. I work on both canvas and balsa board boxes. 

As a photographer and latter a developer and hand painted photographer - I see the world thru a compositional lense and love to capture the first sketches in this way. 

Working from the captured photo and bringing the physical sensations of that moment to the canvas is the most satisfying hands on creative process.

The painting process for me is a conversation of possibilities and problem solving.

It is a converstion with myself and I am oftern suprised with the results.   


Art suggests we feel things we thought we could only see.


These are samples from the studio in SAN CLEMENTE TRUCKEE AND PALM DESERT

I am now working on deep wood pannels as well as Canvas. All of my pieces are self framing and ready to hang in your special space. 




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