Linda Richardi - Artist

Little India 24x36
Look Back At It 24x 36


I have been moving forward and working on some exciting compositions from our

Asian experiences this past winter. The countries and cultures were an ever changing fabric of new colors, shapes, sounds and a very vivid atmosphere!


This has propeled me into figurative work and i am most attracted to the extravagant fabrics and creative instagraming of yourself  at costume worthy festivals. These pieces each portray a personality and i have identified them with lines from song titles. Enjoying the works  in progress.


Congratulations to Carine Topal on her new book of published poetry and thank you  for the opportunity to collaberate on your cover shot!


Please read this very descriptive article about my work!

Happy New Year! My painting "Party Dress" is included in the group show opening at the La Quinta Museum January 19. Opening Reception is on the 19th from 5-7 pm and all are welcome. The show extends thru April 30 and should be interesting to anyone visiting the desert communities this winter. Each entry was invited to submit a painting on canvas and include an associated story to post. 

I look forward to some long painting sessions in my now completed studio in Palm to work I go 2017!


UPDATe - Party dress was featured on the museum banner - and a book is in publication for this well received exhibition. 

What a wonderful opening reception! I enjoyed meeting and talking with so many and feel honored to have had your interest in so much of my work.  Here are a few event pictures for those who could not be there. This exhibit has selections from several of my portfolios on this website SLIPCOVERED, ELEMENTS, FRESCO, AND CURRENT WORKS...several of the current works were recently selected for the next Fusion Arts exhibit!

Information and options for sales are under my purchase tab as well as under the info button on each selected work...double click for specific size, presentation and price information.

The photos below begin with both Lindas on our title wall.

Linda Hanna creates beautiful watercolors and my work is all digital photography.


guess who is the water and who is the light?


my contact is    

Well the Artwork is framed and delivered....the show is being hung today and it feels like i have done alot just to get this all in order...nothing broken, placement looks good and gallery very helpfull... My statements, index and credits are all delivered - now they do the rest! Show opening party June 13th -  show closes August 5 th


Feeling like painting is where I am going next as I have now added a new gallery to this site....I love seeing how they develop and what the next one might look like... stay tuned.

I am working on the upcoming show for the city of Palm Desert, CA- Civic Arts Gallery. The opening reception is scheduled for June 13, 2016-  Please forward your address if you would like to receive an announcement.

Mainly I will be showing a group of work from the chair series SLIPCOVERED. However I will be including some collaborative pieces from my ELEMENTS and FRESCO series as well.


Happy viewing - please contact me directly with any questions you may have.


Linda Richardi

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